Bruno Vanslambrouck

Lecturer - researcher / Ghent University Campus Kortrijk

Ing. M.Sc. Bruno Vanslambrouck (male) graduated in 1981 as a Master in Industrial Sciences in Electromechanics and joined Howest (an University of Applied Sciences) in 1986. In October 2013 his department integrated into Ghent University.
He obtained a strong experience within the power generation sector. With this experience he was able to study and to realize a 288 kWe/478 kWth cogeneration unit, equipped with a didactic measurement system, built in 1995 and still in working order. Besides teaching several energy related courses, he is initiating, coordinating or participating in multiple national and international research projects, focused on waste heat valorisation.
Main research topics are Organic Rankine Cycles, high temperature industrial heat pumps and thermal energy storage.