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22. - 23. Oktober 2019 // Nürnberg


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HPT TCP Annex 51: Reduktion der Schallabstrahlung von Luft-Wasser-Wärmepumpen [15] Vortragssprache Englisch Simultanübersetzung Deutsch

Due to their multiple advantages such as low investment costs and low space requirements air-water-heat pumps became very popular within recent years representing now the best-selling pump system for heating and cooling residential buildings on a European scale. Besides the noises of the compressor, sometimes unpleasant sound is generated by the fan and the evaporator as a result of the required high air flow rate of air-water-heat pumps. Especially in the transitional period when icing of the evaporator occurs, an additional noise emission takes place. This might become a competitive disadvantage of this technology hampering its broad dissemination particularly in densely populated areas. The noise reduction actions discussed in literature and acoustic guidelines of heat pump manufacturer associations comprise constructive, component-specific, control-wise and active measures evaluating the measures’ effect on the noise level on a qualitative scale. The Austrian research project SilentAirHP aims at developing respectively adapting advanced numerical and experimental methods for the assessment of noise-reducing measures for air-water-heat pumps taking into account the concurrent effects of these sound reducing measure(s) on performance, COP, noise emission and psychoacoustic perception. The results comprise a set of quantitatively analysed actions for known and innovative noise reduction measures evaluated on an energetic and noise level. Furthermore a comprehensive system description of an air-water heat pump system considering the icing behaviour and the noise emission simultaneously will be presented. Analysis are based on space-, frequency- and timeresolved 64-channel sound pressure sensor data used in a cylindrical measuring grid as well as data from an acoustic camera combined with a thermocamera for temperature visualization. For this purpose, the SilentAirHP has been designed with exchangeable components and noise reduction measures. The results are coupled to sound propagation models showing the influence of heat pump placement in a settlement on the resulting sound pressure levels at sensitive positions at buildings. Finally the new Annex 51 Acoustic Signature of Heat Pumps of the Heat Pump Program of the International Energy Agency is presented. SilentAirHP is supported in the framework of the Energy research programm of the Climate and Energy Fund (5148527) initiated by the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology.

--- Datum: 24.10.2017 Uhrzeit: 16:30 Uhr - 16:55 Uhr Ort: Saal Brüssel, NCC Mitte


Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn.  Christoph Reichl

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Christoph Reichl

Scientist / AIT Austrian Institute of Technology



Johann Emhofer

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology


Thomas Fleckl

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology


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