28 - 29 October 2025 // Nuremberg

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The meeting place for evaporative cooling experts

Hygiene plays key role

Evaporative cooling is a major component of Chillventa. In Europe and the rest of the world it plays an important role within the range of refrigeration and cooling technologies available. As reported by EUROVENT (Europe’s Industry Association for Indoor Climate, Process Cooling and Food Cold Chain Technologies), the European evaporative cooling industry is made up of more than 50 manufacturers employing over 7,000 people and in excess of 500,000 units generating more than 1 million MW cooling capacity. At Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, the Chillventa exhibition from 11 to 13 October and Chillventa CONGRESS on 10 October offer comprehensive information on evaporative cooling and specifically on the hygiene aspects of this cooling method. Here too, Chillventa is the perfect platform for connecting experts.

Evaporative cooling systems are used to dissipate heat loads from commercial or industrial technical processes and data centres, for example, have now become an important market. Evaporative cooling systems can take the form, among other things, of open and closed circuit cooling towers or evaporative condensers.

Focus on hygiene and preventing legionella bacteria

Hygiene is an important issue for air-cooled processes in which water comes into direct contact with the air. All technologies in which water is passed into a flow of air tend to form aerosols. As a result of growth promoting conditions like humidity, temperature and a supply of nutrients for micro-organisms, i.e. bacteria, algae, mould and protozoa in the water, entrained water droplets can contain micro-organisms like legionella bacteria. If breathed in, they can cause infectious diseases like Legionnaire's disease (atypical pneumonia) or Pontiac fever.

The issue of legionellosis caused by legionella bacteria will be covered in detail in the ASHRAE short course at the Chillventa CONGRESS. It will explore the first occurrence of legionnaire's disease in Philadelphia in 1976, risks, development and ways of combating the disease by means of structural, technical and organisational measures.

EUROVENT presents European standard

During Chillventa, there will be ten presentations in hall 9 in the “Applications & Education & Regulations" forum on the subject of evaporative cooling, hygiene requirements and guidelines and standards. EUROVENT will introduce the first “European performance efficiency standard for evaporative cooling equipment”.

Topics such as on-line water management, safe and hygienic operation without biocides, hygiene requirements for evaporative cooling with reference to VDI regulation 2047-2, biological biocide and innovations for application-driven concepts for re-cooling illustrate the diverse areas of focus in this industry.

For applications in data centres, the focus is on evaporative cooling systems, as the required cooling temperatures have increased considerably and it is often possible to operate without a refrigerating unit.

Heat recovery combined with heat pumps is another area that is becoming very important.

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