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  • Cooling Post: Counter F-gas proposals

    Leading groups representing the HVAC, refrigeration and foam insulation sectors are calling on the European Parliament to take a practical approach in the upcoming vote on the F-gas revision. The alliance of 11 associations, which includes EPEE, the European Heat Pump Association, ASERCOM and Transfrigoroute, says it is offering “several concrete and ambitious amendment proposals” of its own for the F-gas regulation revision. These proposals include an easing of the phase down and a relaxation of some of the product bans.

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  • Daikin: World Business Council for Sustainable Development

    The Daikin Group has recently joined the WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) which conducts discussions, research, and advocacy on sustainability issues such as climate change, destruction of nature, and increasing inequality. The WBCSD is an international economic organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, established in 1995. With the goal of sustainable development, it provides a platform for member companies where they discuss, conduct research and compile opinions for advocacy while cooperating with governments, NGOs, and international organizations. Today, there are over 200 member companies from a wide range of sectors around the world, with combined sales of $8.5 trillion and over 19 million employees.

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  • EPEE: F-Gas Industry offers concrete proposals to the European Parliament

    Industry holds out hope that the European Parliament will take a practical approach to the challenge of reducing climate warming F-gas emissions and support the view taken by its industry committee in the upcoming plenary vote. “We as an alliance recognised the need to offer our expertise and industry knowledge to ensure Europe’s carbon neutrality goals are not derailed by a well-meaning but ineffective regulation,” said Russell Patten, Director General of the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE). “We are proud to offer these proposals and fully support the further phase down of HFCs.”

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  • ASERCOM: Condensing Unit Certification

    The Ecodesign regulation EU 2015/1095 sets Minimum Efficiency Performance Standards (MEPS) for condensing units with regard to ecodesign requirements for professional refrigerated storage cabinets, blast cabinets, condensing units and process chillers. In order to prove the efficacy of a certain refrigeration component, a manufacturer should be able to provide proof that these requirements are met. The ASERCOM certification programme proves that the MEPS are met. The association of manufacturers of components for the HVAC&R industry (ASERCOM) has now updated and revised this tool: Due to the growing share of refrigerants with higher glide, an exact indication of the evaporation condition is now added to the information.

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  • ebmpapst: Axial fans for heat pumps

    Air-water heat pumps now enjoy a high level of acceptance in heating technology and are becoming an important pillar of more sustainable heat generation. There is demand for efficient and, most importantly, quiet systems suitable for indoor, outdoor or hybrid use, and whose output can be intelligently adapted to the actual conditions. The new AxiEco Plug-in fans have now been equipped with an air inlet grille. This FlowGrid, which acts as a rectifier for air flow, drastically reduces noise-generating disturbances in the air flow. This reduces the sound pressure over the entire frequency range, in particular the disruptive blade passing noise, i.e. unpleasant "humming" in the low frequency range...

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