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Chillventa puts spotlight on data centres

2016 Chillventa CONGRESS and trade fair explore pathways to PUE = 1

In 2016, Chillventa will once again be the No. 1 international gathering place for the refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pump community. The event will focus on the hot topics in the industry on a display area that has grown yet again this time round. A vital aspect is the air conditioning and ventilation of data centres, for example.

Growing data volumes, increased energy demand and the associated rising energy costs are creating challenges for operators of data centres worldwide. Data centres need high precision air conditioning systems to be able to operate smoothly and safely. Previously, administrators used to head for the company’s server rooms in hot summers if they wanted to cool off a bit. But those days are long gone, because modern data centres can be operated at a temperature of up to 27°C. "Data centres are responsible for 2% of electricity consumption in Germany and this figure continues to grow. By 2020, the electricity used by data centres in Germany is forecast to rise by 20%," states a working paper published by the Borderstep Institute in January 2016.

Energy efficiency is the priority

Data centre operators are responsible for substantially reducing the energy used by the IT infrastructure. The main challenge facing them is how to achieve PUE = 1. Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is the most important variable for the operation of a data centre and specifies the ratio of the total energy consumption of a data centre to the energy consumption of the IT installed in it. The theoretically optimum PUE value is 1, where the total power is flowing into the IT as such. The more cooling technology needed, the higher the value for PUE.

Data centres get comprehensive coverage

Chillventa in Nuremberg will once again address the issue of data centres, this time with the support of the German Society for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (DKV). The Chillventa CONGRESS on the day before the trade fair will discuss data centres and the information provided will be complemented by the special product presentations in hall 4. This should be seen as the sequel to the DKV event "Energy efficient air conditioning in data centres" held in Dresden in November 2015. Related topics covered at the Chillventa CONGRESS on Monday from 13:00 – 17:00 in Oslo room, NCC Ost, include:

  • Recirculating air conditioner systems use indirect free cooling with adiabatic and mechanical post-cooling.
  • The eChiller as a tool to achieving PUE = 1 – how to break through temperature limits with water vapour
  • Indirect evaporative cooling in practice
  • Optimum air conditioning for colocation data centres
  • Refurbish or new build – and is the commercial application of geothermal energy in data centres useful?

Chillventa showcases innovative solutions on the special presentation area in hall 4, where renowned companies present their products and services. As well as designing new data centres, the efficient and cost-saving retrofitting of existing data centres is another option.

Alongside the special show on data centres, industry experts will offer more than 20 brief presentations on this topic.

NürnbergMesse is offering another industry highlight with it-sa 2016 from 18 to 20 October: trends & innovations in the IT security sector will also explore the issue of data centres from the perspective of IT.