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Launch of Chillventa eSpecial as community gathers for online event

From 13 to 15 October 2020, the Chillventa eSpecial presents the latest developments and innovations from the refrigeration, AC, ventilation and heat pump sectors, this year in an online format. All aspects of the world’s leading exhibition for refrigeration technology will be carried over to the virtual environment. The corporate profiles of the more than 200 exhibitors provide comprehensive information about the companies and their products. In addition, the international community can look forward to a wealth of high-calibre presentations by renowned experts within the scope of the supporting programme and Chillventa CONGRESS. As well as knowledge transfer, the event will above all provide a platform for making and nurturing contacts. This is facilitated by an intelligent matchmaking system and a range of options like chats and video calls. Around 5,000 participants are expected at this three-day online highlight for the sector.

“In the last few months, we have been working extremely hard to be able to offer the industry the best possible platform for knowledge transfer and dialogue in these exceptional times. The huge response has shown us that there is a great need within the sector for a replacement for our customary Chillventa exhibition. Participants can look forward to a high-quality event,” says Petra Wolf from the NürnbergMesse Management Board.

As well as the more than 200 exhibitors, about 5,000 participants have registered in advance for the launch of the Chillventa eSpecial and Chilllventa CONGRESS (13 October). “We are very much looking forward to welcoming the international refrigeration, AC, ventilation and heat pump community, albeit in an unfamiliar digital environment this year. Nevertheless, we are confident that we have organised three exciting days packed with the latest hot topics and a lot of attractive features,” says Daniela Heinkel, Director Chillventa at NürnbergMesse.

Networking made easy

The Chillventa eSpecial aims to transfer as many aspects of a real-life trade fair as possible into the virtual world, and that includes in particular the establishment of new business contacts. Using various communication tools like chat and video calls, staff from the exhibiting companies can contact participants. The outstanding feature of this process is the integrated matchmaking tool. All participants complete a registration process, known as onboarding, which takes the form of a questionnaire. By answering the questions, you define your individual profile and show other participants who you are and what products or solutions you are interested in. Based on this information, the underlying algorithm compares the data with those of all other event participants and then suggests suitable contacts that are a precise match for your requirements.

Highlights of Chillventa CONGRESS and programme of presentations

The Chillventa eSpecial will be accompanied by the Chillventa CONGRESS on the first day and by a high-calibre programme of presentations on the second and third days. In numerous presentations, renowned experts from the R&D environment and industrial practice will share their expertise with the global refrigeration, AC, ventilation and heat pump community. The wide range of topics covered includes: the Green Deal, refrigerant transition, the EU’s Covid-19 Recovery Plan, views from the industry around the world, global importance of the cooling chain, transport refrigeration on land and sea, refrigerants for commercial and industrial processes, industrial and commercial applications for the heat pump, and a whole lot more.

Two parallel streams at the Chillventa CONGRESS will include these topics:

  • 6th Innovation Day Refrigeration Technology (TU Dresden, DKV and IZW) and energy-efficient air conditioning of data centres (DKV)
  • Heat Pumping Technologies for Commercial and Industrial Application (IZW) and the ASERCOM + EPEE Symposium

The first stream will be in German and the second in English. As well as the presentations there will also be virtual panel debates.

The highlights of the Chillventa CONGRESS include:

  • Principles of the European Green Deal, Rados Horacek, DG ENER, European Commission
  • Refrigerant transition & EU F-Gas Regulation: What is coming up in Europe? Bente Tranhol-Schwarz DG-CLIMA, European Commission
  • Campfire session: views from the industry around the world – USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea
  • The cool chain in sea transport, Ingenieurbüro Dr Yves Wild, Bremen
  • Integrated energy in the supermarket – using waste heat for cooling and cold storage in the food retail sector, Oliver Ziegler, TU Dresden
  • Distinguishing features of semi plug-in refrigerated display cabinets, Markus Kielnhofer, AHT
  • High temperature heat pumps for industrial application in Austria, Dr Veronika Wilk, AIT Vienna
  • Hydrogen in the energy system of the future, Volker Weinmann, IZW

The highlights of the eSpecial programme include:

  • Various perspectives and the latest insights on refrigeration and AC systems in the context of the coronavirus pandemic
  • The latest product developments and innovative solutions for energy performance and energy saving
  • What can be done about illegal refrigerants?
  • Various aspects of refrigerants like non-flammable low-GWP refrigerants for refrigeration and heat pump applications, sensors for leak detection, recycling, circular economy, and the eco-efficiency model
  • R717 reduction of refrigerant charge, semi-hermetic compressors
  • Compressor efficiency measurements and certification programmes
  • R717, R744 and R290 (eurammon)
  • Filters (VDMA)
  • Handling flammable refrigerants (BFS)
  • Heat pumps: Industrial applications (AIT Austria)
  • Heat pumps: Detached and semi-detached homes and housing developments (Fraunhofer Germany)
  • Data security specifically for businesses in the sector, and the use of virtual tools (VDKF)

For last-minute participants:

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The next Chillventa will take place at the Nuremberg exhibition venue again from 11 to 13 October 2022.