28 - 29 October 2025 // Nuremberg

European Heat Pump Summit Newsroom

“Chillventa is putting its best foot forward this year. The exhibition space has grown considerably.”

Chillventa will once again turn the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre into the international meeting place for the refrigeration, air-conditioning, ventilation and heat pump community from 11 to 13 October 2016. The Chillventa CONGRESS will kick off the event on 10 October, inviting attendees to spend an entire day learning about the latest trends and developments. The mood in the industry is upbeat, and the exhibition is set to grow again in 2016. Daniela Heinkel, Director Chillventa at NürnbergMesse, talks about how the exhibition has evolved and what innovations experts can look forward to seeing.


What can experts look forward to at Chillventa 2016? How has the exhibition evolved?

Daniela Heinkel: “Chillventa is THE international hub for refrigeration, air-conditioning, ventilation and heat pump technology, for advances and optimisations as well as current trends, new paths and innovative products. Chillventa is much more than “just” an exhibition with a first-rate congress. It is THE leading exhibition of an international, highly innovative and successful industry.

Chillventa is putting its best foot forward this year. The exhibition space has grown considerably once again. We designed a new hall configuration to accommodate the wishes of our exhibitors for more space. We are honoured by the trust placed in our exhibition. Experts from all over the world come together at Chillventa to obtain information, share their views, and present and initiate new projects. We expect more than 30,000 trade visitors again this year. And we expect almost 1,000 exhibitors from around the world again.

Chillventa, the Chillventa CONGRESS, the specialist forums in the halls, the exhibitors and associations from all over the world, as well as trade visitors and journalists, regard the exhibition as their industry platform. Here is where you meet people, cultivate and expand networks and conduct business. The average proportion of international exhibitors is higher than 65%, which is very high. Moreover, we expect that more than 50% of trade visitors will come from countries other than Germany again this year. Clearly, Chillventa is an internationally oriented event by experts for experts: Chillventa Connecting Experts.

How has Chillventa's international refrigeration, air-conditioning, ventilation and heat pump network been further developed?

Daniela Heinkel: “As I mentioned before, Chillventa in Nuremberg is a highly international event. And we want to live up to this claim on a worldwide basis. The international refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps portfolio is unrivalled and has exhibited a very positive development over the years. NürnbergMesse has built up an impressive worldwide network in recent years comprising the leading exhibition Chillventa and the European Heat Pump Summit in Nuremberg, ACREX India and the European Pavilion powered by Chillventa at China Refrigeration.

And the portfolio continues to grow. For example, refrigeration technology will also play an important role at the BevialeMoscow to be held from 28 February to 2 March 2017. Experts from around the world can look forward to the international refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps network that we will continue to expand, wherever it makes sense to do so. After all, our motto “Chillventa Connecting Experts” applies here as well.

Which topics will be in the spotlight at Chillventa 2016?

Daniela Heinkel: “With its comprehensive technical offering, Chillventa presents components, systems and applications for refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps to a broad cross-section of the industry. This year’s exhibition and CONGRESS will focus on topics such as current climate targets, eco-design, refrigerants, efficiency through control systems, innovation in heat transfer, limits of refrigeration technology and climate control at data centres.”

Chillventa is accompanied by a comprehensive technical programme. Where and how can trade visitors bring themselves up to date?

Daniela Heinkel: “We have prepared a lot of opportunities for knowledge transfer and expert dialogue for our guests again this year. The Chillventa CONGRESS on Monday, 10 October 2016, the day before Chillventa starts, offers experts comprehensive insights into current issues in the sector.

Internationally renowned speakers will provide knowledge from research, development and practice as well as information on the current political framework in Europe and worldwide. The programme includes the 4th Refrigeration Technology Innovation Day: Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection, the ASERCOM+EPEE Symposium, the ASHRAE COURSE: Successfully Managing the Risk of Legionellosis, Heat Pumping Technologies for Commercial and Industrial Applications and Climate Control at Data Centres.

Noted speakers will talk about cutting-edge topics in three specialist forums located in the middle of the halls. The latest product developments and innovative solutions in the areas of energy efficiency and energy savings will be presented in halls 9 (applications, training and regulations), 7A (refrigeration technology) and 4A (air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps).

In addition to the innovations presented at exhibitors' stands, visitors will be treated, as in prior years, to some fascinating special presentations on the topics of energy-efficient data centres, industrial and commercial heat pumps, and the energetic inspection of air-conditioning and ventilation systems.

All told, trade visitors can look forward to more than 200 first-rate presentations at the Chillventa CONGRESS, the specialist forums and the special presentation areas. ” All information about the technical programme is available from: www.chillventa.de/programme

In recent years, Chillventa has been the first port of call for people seeking innovations and the very latest product presentations. How do you rate the outlook for this year?

Daniela Heinkel: “We assume that the exhibitors will use Chillventa as they have in the past, to present their innovations and newest products to the trade community. In fact, numerous companies have already told us that Chillventa is now the only exhibition in Europe where they will present themselves and their latest products. This confirms our assessment that Chillventa is pursuing just the right strategy. This is because the right trade visitors from all over the world come here to meet.”

What exactly is the Chillventa AWARD and who does it recognise?

Daniela Heinkel: “We are very pleased that the first-ever Chillventa AWARDs will be presented at the Chillventa 2016. These awards honour the expert teams (planners, plant engineers, owners and operators) who have executed a project of outstanding quality in terms of operability, energy consumption and technical innovation, through exemplary collaboration that goes beyond the technical standards. In the spirit of Chillventa’s motto of “connecting experts”, the jury will give special consideration to the effective cooperation of all parties involved in the project, from the task formulation stage to the planning and construction phases, and on through to operation. The high level of quality attained in the candidate projects through collaborative planning must be readily comprehensible and self-evident. Awards will be given in the four categories of commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration, air-conditioning technology and heat pumps. The members of the winning projects in each category will be honoured at the Chillventa on 11 October 2016.”

Have you planned any special events for craftsmen again for Chillventa 2016? Have you invited a special guest?

Daniela Heinkel: “We have decided to offer something really special for craftsmen again this year after the success and great feedback we had last time from refrigeration, air-conditioning, ventilation and heat pump craftsmen about Konny Reimann.

We have managed to land the three-time Olympic and ten-time world luge champion Georg Hackl for 2016. He spent 18 years as one of the world’s best and is one of the most successful lugers of all time. He remains an institution, a genuine person and a really popular figure who is known for his community involvement as well as his sporting success. Last but not least, he is a craftsman: he is a trained metalworker and is known as a tinkerer who spent every free minute perfecting his sleds. His success proves just how important it is to understand your craft.

We have planned a variety of events with Georg Hackl on the third day of the exhibition: there will be an autograph session and you can have your photograph taken with him. There will also be a virtual luge challenge and a raffle of fun prizes.”