October 2025 // Nuremberg

European Heat Pump Summit Newsroom

Overcoming the challenge

Chillventa 2018 will feature a number of special presentations that are essential viewing for trade visitors. On all three days of the event, speakers from the Bundesfachschule Kälte-Klima-Technik (Federal Technical College for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology) will present valuable information on all aspects of hygiene in air-cooled heat exchangers, and will offer practical guidance on how to perform cleaning and inspection work in accordance with VDI 6022.  

VDI 6022 is a guideline issued by the Technische Gebäudeausrüstung (Technical Building Services) Division of the Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (Association of German Engineers, VDI). It describes the state of the art for hygiene requirements for ventilation systems and devices, and for determining ambient air quality.

In practice, not all operators and specialised companies are as familiar as they should be with the maintenance and inspection activities needed to ensure hygiene in air-conditioning and ventilation systems. In the future, however, operators of ventilation systems will need to concern themselves much more with this subject. The revised version of Hygiene Guideline VDI 6022 Sheet 1 defines new or expanded tasks for the operation and maintenance of ventilation systems and devices; these relate principally to the protection of human health. The Guideline thus states that thorough cleaning of components is preferable to disinfection. Targeted disinfection may be performed only when there is a demonstrated need.

Clear presentation of practice and background knowledge

At the special display area in Hall 4, stand 4-503, speakers from the Federal Technical College for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology will begin by presenting important basic background information about the changes and additions contained in the new VDI 6022 compared to the previous version. Together with manufacturers of ventilation components, they will then show how the necessary cleaning and inspection work should be performed.

The necessary tasks will be illustrated using plant units made available as examples. These tasks include cleaning and inspection work on dehumidifier-coolers (for commercial refrigerator rooms and ventilator systems), adiabatic spray humidifiers and hot-steam humidifiers, and water treatment systems.

The presenters will then deal with the required documentation and paper trail for cleaning and inspection activities.

Who should make a point of attending these presentations?

These presentations are aimed especially at foremen, engineers, refrigeration plant manufacturers, operators, and employees in the service field.

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